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This post was first seen over on the Well-Fed Soul as a guest post at has become an outlet for me; one where I can shake off the day, spend some much-needed time taking care of myself and loving a little on my body. Sometimes it can be hard, though, to…

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Mindful Faith, Mindful Living

In Light of Recent News..

My dear friend shared a post on Facebook in response to the horrible things happening that can not only be applied to what’s going on in Las Vegas, but also the other terrible things that are happening around the world and I wanted to share it on here in light of the recent events because of how well written…

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One of my favorite things about 2017 has been discovering podcasts! The app on my iPhone (“Podcasts”) has always been on my phone, usually on the last page, ignored and neglected. That is, until earlier this year when I was scanning at work and for once in my life was sick of listening to music and decided I’d rather…

Mindful Faith, Mindful Living

Weight On My Shoulders

If I’m being completely honest with you life hasn’t been exactly easy. I feel like that’s a given at this point, though. As broken human beings I don’t think life was ever meant to be easy since we are constantly struggling with temptation, doubt, etc. That doesn’t mean there isn’t ever a silver lining…