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Every once in awhile everyone needs a night in to recharge! Today on the blog I’m sharing some of my favorite, simple tricks to a perfect, self-care night in. Bring on all the self-love!!Clean Space = Clear MindYou know what they say, “clean space = clear mind”, but does it really positively affect our brain to have…

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Mindful Health

Mindful Tips for Insomnia

Every once in awhile, likely due to stress, I go through bouts of insomnia, staying up til 2-3 in the morning. This can definitely take a toll when I have to be up around 8 am every morning. I reached out to YOU GUYS and asked for your tips and was not disappointed. With the help of your advice…

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Body Love for God’s Glory

This post was first seen over on the Well-Fed Soul as a guest post at has become an outlet for me; one where I can shake off the day, spend some much-needed time taking care of myself and loving a little on my body. Sometimes it can be hard, though, to…

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November Intentions

HELLLOOOO NOVEMBER!I’m pretty proud of myself this year: I made it till November before I turned on my heat (and boy was it hard to wait!) But now that November is here (and I’m nice and cozy!) let’s talk about my intentions this month! SLOW DOWN (hence why this is coming out on the 5th 😉 ) – No…

Mindful Health

How to be Mindful When You Are Sick

It’s that season again, and I’m not talking about the one I’ve been raving about with all the pretty fall colors and fall festivities. I’m talking about flu season and lucky me, I’ve caught the bug. All I want to do is crawl under the covers and die. Okay, okay not literally die but I…