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Christmas Letter

I decided to post my Christmas card on my blog this year bc, you know, #brokecollegestudentprobs.But for real this year has been one for the books! This year it was almost like my mantra was Nike’s “Just Do It” because I did just that and I’m so proud of myself for it. I’m so proud that…

Mindful Experiences

Escape Float Spa + Oxygen Bar

In November I got to experience something new at Escape Float Spa. Do you know what floatation therapy is? Because I sure hadn’t before going. I mean I had heard of it but I figured it was one of those fancy things that people did in highly populated places like L.A. but lo and behold we’ve got…

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October Intentions & Apple Orchard Adventures

This weekend was filled with fall adventures, setting intentions for this coming month, and making memories.Saturday, September 30thI headed to the Country Apple Orchard with a couple of my close friends on Saturday. I always love going to the apple orchard because it literally screams almost everything I like about fall: apples, hot cider, pumpkins, hay rides, oh…

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Storytime for Five Seconds

So the other day I was irresponsible and impulsive. I’m only allowed to have one cat in my current apartment which is fine and dandy and all but the more cats the better, AMIRIGHT?! I was cat searching the internet when I came across the (other) cat of my dreams. She was a cute little calico aka the kind…

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Possibly One of the Greatest Nights of My Life

2.4.17Is it is possible that this was one of the greatest nights of my life? YesBut it is plausible? Also yes, very much so. watch the video:   Okay, so now that you understand my terrible joke and have been blessed with a tøp video (and Tyler dancing gifs…