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Mindful Interviews is a space where I interview some of the most inspiring and talented people of today’s world that I have had the pleasure to know. Life is so incredibly busy and I think it’s important to take the time to encourage and build each other up, to be mindful in our relationships and in our lives. I hope you get something out of these interviews, as I certainly have.

I’ve been following the fashion/ lifestyle blog Daily Dose of Charm for awhile now and I love seeing Lo’s style pics, her cute little puppy in her stories, as well as so much more! I participated in a Christmas card exchange with her over this past Christmas season and it was so cool to connect via snail mail with so many other influencers and bloggers. I wanted to share Lauren with you because she’s not only super cute and has great style but also has a lot of words of wisdom to share with the world. Without further ado learn more about Lauren and her journey with Daily Dose of Charm below!

Tell me a little about yourself!

My name is Lauren Lindmark, but my friends call me Lo! I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in Kansas City. I am currently a part time college student at the University of Kansas and also pursuing independent learning in the media and web design world.

How did you get into blogging?

When I was a sophomore in high school I decided I wanted a website. I don’t remember exactly what my inspiration was, but I got out some paper and “designed” my site and started writing down blogpost ideas. I still have those sketches to this day and I love looking back and seeing how far I have come!

I asked my dad if he could buy the domain dailydoseofcharm.com for me and I didn’t end up posting anything on it until two years later because I was scared. I am so glad I did now!

Why Daily Dose of Charm?

I have always loved the word “charm,” I feel like being charming is something to strive for. The official definition of charm is “the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.” I feel like you should always strive to be charming, someone who is lovely, sweet, and desirable. I wanted a little corner of the internet where people can get a little daily dose of my charm!

<3 Why are you passionate about it?

Growing up I felt like I wasn’t good at anything. It seemed like everyone around me had something they were passionate about. Sure, it was high school, so those things weren’t necessarily important. However, back then it felt important. Everyone was in extracurricular activities they loved, played instruments, excelled in sports, seemed to know what they wanted in life. Then there was me. I gave up on EVERYTHING. I tried basketball, tennis, dance, golf, various clubs, so many things. It is still a running joke in my family that if I don’t want to do something there is no way in h*** I am doing it. If I don’t like it, I just stop. My parents used to try to push me to stick with things, but I was too stubborn.

When I started blogging everything just clicked and fell into place. I finally found my passion, and that passion has spread to so many things. Now I love photography, web design, content creating, writing, and more – not to mention connecting to hundreds of other bloggers and followers around the world! When I started blogging I found my passion and I found where I belonged and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it!

Giiirl! I can totally relate! I felt the same way about high school and certain activities but blogging opens up to so much more creativity and knowledgeable traits! What’s your favorite thing to blog about?

I love fashion, putting together outfits and shooting them for my blog is so fun! However, I also love getting personal. Anytime I can be vulnerable and connect with my followers on a personal and emotional level really makes blogging worth it to me. Last September I broke up with my boyfriend of three and a half years and I posted the most honest blogpost I had ever written. Not only was it like therapy for me to post, but the feedback I got was amazing. My blog hit a record number of views and the comments brought me to tears. So many people encouraging me and so many people telling me they were also in my place and that I had helped them. I got texts, direct messages on Instagram, and people coming up to me in my personal life who were touched by the post and also wanted to be there for me.

I love that! I feel like the blogging world has opened me up to such a beautiful connection that I didn’t even know was there! What would be your advice to someone who wanted to start a blog?

I think the two biggest things people stress and/or worry about are:

  1. People in their life finding out about their blog when they are not ready.
  2. Feeling like they won’t grow or don’t know how to grow.

I understand both of these fears, but I wish I could just shake people and say “just go or it!” I was the same way when I first started my blog so believe me – I get it! I didn’t tell anyone but my family. Not even my longterm boyfriend or best friends. It was different and unusual and I didn’t want to put myself out there and be vulnerable. It’s so funny to look back at those times because now I feel like I share SO MUCH and I don’t even think about who sees! I still get shy when I talk about my blog in person, but I am proud of it. It’s something of my own that I created and I have to remind myself to take pride in it! I finally hit a point senior year of high school when I started sharing my blog on Instagram, I think it was right after an Etsy company sent me my first free gift! I had NO followers and I am still so grateful to that company for believing in me. That really gave me the push to think, “I can do this.” (SIDE NOTE: free gifts do not measure your worth, it was just the first time I got one and I was excited and it gave me confidence).

As for the growth, some people are lucky and will “grow overnight,” but for most it takes patience and persistence. If you are scared you won’t grow go check out my first blogpost! It was a DIY Lilly Pulitzer Letter Project that I took photos of on my iPhone. It was horrible quality and got barely any views. Now my quality has increased so much and so has my audience. Everyone has to start somewhere, if you stick with it you will grow eventually. Period.

YESS! What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started your blog?

I wish I would have known a little more about the business side of blogging before I tried to hop into that side of this world. Obviously a lot of things you have to learn along the way, but I remember when I first started I had a few companies send me things that I ended up HATING (I won’t name names, but a few clothing companies and a teeth whitening company come to mind). Although I had promised them a blogpost I just never contacted them again and just threw away the products. I still cringe thinking about that! Now I make sure to never agree to post anything until I know I love something and I also make sure to follow through with commitments if it is a company I believe in (or at least send an apology email if something comes up and I really don’t think I can follow through).

LOL. Whose blog(s) have influenced you most?

I love Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup, Southern Curls and Pearls by Caitlin Coving, The Sweetest Thing by Emily Ann Gemma, and Lonestar Southern by Kate! All those blogs were already established when I started really getting into the fashion blog world and gave me the inspiration on how to blog and kept me going. However, there was also a girl who was a year older than me in high school that went to a school in my district that started a blog when she went to college. Her name is Emma and her blog is Seeking the South, I didn’t know her that well, but I followed her on Tumblr and ended up reading her blog. I really admired her for putting herself out there and she definitely gave me the courage to start sharing my blog because she was someone from my town I could compare myself to! She’s now kicking ass in college and doesn’t blog quite as much, but I get so excited when she posts because I have always been a big fan!

Who is your number one fashion inspiration?

I am going to channel my inner middle school/high school self and say I am a mix of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. I used to OBSESS over both of their wardrobes in Gossip Girl. I loved Blair’s classy, preppy style and Serena’s rebellious, high fashion looks. I was totally envious of their clothes growing up!

Agreed! I freaking love Gossip Girl!! Current fashion obsession?

Now that spring is approaching I am really looking at Spring Break inspiration. Anything with your upper midriff showing is really in. I have seen so many high waisted two piece outfit sets and rompers that are open in the front! I am also loving tassels again this year and I think we are going to see a ton more of them in 2018!

Yess! What does mindfulness mean to you?

To me, being mindful is remembering to put yourself, your happiness, and your health first. I listen to a podcast called “The Mindful Kind” by Rachael Kable and she is a huge inspiration when it comes to keeping my life balanced and mindful. You have put yourself first sometimes because you can’t love, care for, or treat other people like you are supposed to if you are not in a good place yourself. The last six months I have put a huge emphasis on my physical and mental health and I can already tell how much it has bettered myself as a person.

Ohh! I’ll have to check that out! How do you set yourself up for success?

I know how much to ask of myself. I have a huge ongoing to do list and I always schedule out my days  – sometimes within 15 minute increments! It helps me stay organized and stay on top of things, but I also know when to give myself a break. I don’t beat myself up on those days I don’t accomplish as much because I know sometimes we need that mental heath break!

What does self-care look like to you?

I think the funny thing about self care is sometimes it means going to the gym, or sometimes it means staying in and having a movie night alone, or it means having a wine night with your girlfriends, and other times it means going out to a bar and meeting new people. So many people see ‘self-care’ as bubble baths and facials, and believe me that is a great way to care for yourself! However, self care is really about tuning into your heart and soul and figuring out what your mind needs in the moment. Different days call for different forms of self care.

Preach girl! I love how self care can be different for everyone, and even be different depending on your mood! I loved your blog post about why you decided to stop school full time- can you briefly go into that and how that decision has been for your life? Has it enhanced it/ do you regret it?

Thank you! That was another really honest blog post that I was a little nervous to post because a lot of people frown upon the topic. However, I am so happy with every decision I have made! The last few years I have gotten really good at listening to my head and my heart and not just doing something because it’s “expected” or”the easy choice.” I no longer feel the need to please or impress anyone else in my life, I made my own decisions and I am proud of myself for it! I am currently taking two classes while living in Lawrence and I will start two more online classes soon, however, I am not in any rush to get my degree! I know success comes with hard work and that looks different for different people.

Amen! I couldn’t have said it better myself! What is something you must do every night / night routine?

Guided sleep meditation! I promise I am not some crazy, spiritual, meditation freak (not that there is anything wrong with that). However, my sophomore year of college I was going through some stress and began listening to some positive sleep meditation on YouTube and they changed my life! Not only do they put me to sleep SO fast, but they fill your mind with positive thoughts and I end up sleeping better and waking up happier!

Ooh I like the idea of that! What has been bringing you joy lately?

My friends and family! I have been so much more appreciative of the people in my life recently, they are always there for me and I am lucky that I have filled my life with such amazing people!

What do you feel most proud of?

Right now, I would have to say my grace. I have been through a lot lately and it would have been easy for me to get angry, call out the other person, cause a scene, etc in quite a few situations. Realizing that being the bigger person and caring more about my reputation and how I hold myself was a way better decision.

So awesome! What song is your anthem?

Get Out of Your Own Way by U2! I grew up listening to U2 with my dad and their songs have always spoken to me. However, this one is really amazing! My favorite line is, “Nothing’s stopping you except what’s inside; I can help you, but it’s your fight.” So many of our limitations come from within, if we can learn to let go of the voice that is telling us to stop then we can achieve amazing things!

What is the last thing you watched on tv/ streamed?

The Fosters! I talked about this the other day on my blog, but this show is amazing! It deals with actual issues and not just petty drama. It’s such a real show, I love it!

Any books to recommend?

To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite book! However, I also am listening to Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari on Audible and it’s so good! He narrates it himself and I think he is hilarious!

Favorite quote?

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain. – Jack Kerouac

Love! What’s your go to coffee order?

I actually don’t drink caffeine and I hate drinking my calories when I don’t have to. I mostly drink water, smoothies, and wine on the weekends!

I didn’t know that about you! I’m all about those three beverages though! What advice would you give to your younger old self?

You will end up happy. Period. When you are younger, little things seem like such a huge deal. Grades, boys, parties, social status – none of that really matters. Focus on the amazing people around you and your mental health and you will be okay!


Thank you so much Lauren, or Lo, as I feel like I can call you as I feel like I know you so well by this point! I appreciate your honesty, sense of creativity, and love of fashion and pretty things!

Friends- go give her some love over on her blog, Insta, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, aaaand Twitter. Thanks for reading! See you next week!



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