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Mindful Interviews: Sophie Grace Photography


Mindful Interviews is a space where I interview some of the most inspiring and talented people of today’s world that I have had the pleasure to know. Life is so incredibly busy and I think it’s important to take the time to encourage and build each other up, to be mindful in our relationships and in our lives. I hope you get something out of these interviews, as I certainly have.

Welcome to Mindful Interview’s new day – Sunday! This Sunday I’m excited to introduce you to the lovely Sophie from Sophie Grace Photography! She’s such a light and breath of fresh air and I love love loooove her photos! Learn more about this beautiful girl behind the camera! (Bonus?! She shared some photography tips!!)

Photo by Tawny Marie

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi earthlings! My name is Sophie (of Sophie Grace Photography) and I am a 23-year-old Midwestern photographer based around the Wahpeton/Fargo, ND area! I love dogs more than anything else in this world, and my favorite food ever is tacos.  After my graduation from NDSU in May 2017, I started full time in 2017 as a photographer and I am almost completely booked for 2018 weddings already!  I am so blessed and happy to call this passion a career and I’m thrilled to be interviewed for this blog!

How did you get into photography?

When I was around 12-13 my mom bought a canon rebel and I stole it from her.  I’d use it to take photos at the horse arena and of my friends! It just sprouted from there J

Why are you passionate about it?

Dogs! Kidding. But for real maybe I’m not kidding.  I am very passionate about body positivity & staying healthy.  I am not a fitness expert, nor am I in super shape. I do mostly couples & weddings but I also offer boudoir shoots to my clients.  I encourage them to be courageous and love themselves and I am 100% against body changing photo editing.  I believe each woman, petite or plus size, is gorgeous and has the amazing power to potentially create children, which in my mind is a superpower!

I am also very passionate about animals.  I hope to one day open a shelter, or help generously with a shelter, to place dogs in good homes. I want to save and rescue every abused animal in this world and it just breaks my heart to know that I can’t. (P.S. Check out my dog’s Insta: @lokithemidwestaussie, he’s really cute.)

That is so awesome, girl! I love all those passions! (And I’ll definitely be checking out your dog’s Insta ;)) What’s your favorite kind of photography?

Ugh, this is difficult! For client work, my favorite type of sessions are probably couples or portraits.  I can’t decide! But I really love travel photography when it comes to personal work.  When I can combine the two it’s even better!


If you had to recommend any camera to someone starting out what would recommend and why? What lens and why?

Any of the canon rebel series.  They are honestly such great starter cameras! Pick up yourself a 50mm 1.8 for around $100 and you should be good to start out (for portraits & people)!

Any certain gear you’d recommend?

I think it depends on the situation! Nature photographers vs portrait photographers require such different gear! Everybody has their style & preferred look!

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

To stop comparing myself to others and just hustle.  It took me a long time to realize that I need to stop looking at the likes, followers, and engagement of other people and just do my own thing! After I realized my self-worth & talent, things started to just fall into place.

Yass girl! I love that. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

YouTube. Lots of YouTube. And a lot of photography education groups on Facebook!

Whose work has influenced you most?

I look up to two local photographers so much. FloraPine & Two Pines Photography inspire me daily.  Ashley & Lydia are so dang talented and I only wish I had half their talent!  I also have a slight obsession with Peter McKinnon and may or may not have watched all his YouTube videos.

How do you set yourself up for success?

I’d say putting your best foot forward is a good start.  I also am very upfront with my clients on what to expect/what not to expect so there isn’t any miscommunication and I can capture their photos as beautifully as possible.

LOL! What does mindfulness mean to you?

To bring yourself forth in this world and be aware and mindful of the amazing things happening around you. But also, being in a world of social media and internet; EDUCATING yourself on such things around you is so important.  We are all so quick to think we are experts when we read things from Facebook * sigh *

True! What does self-care look like to you?

Giving yourself a break & fueling yourself for the day.  During busy seasons, I find myself running around with my head cut off, staying up until 3 am and working every weekend.  After a while, I just need to sit down & take time for myself to not get burnt out.  I have to set time boundaries & enjoy time with family.  Self-care is not only physical but mental, give your brain a break!  I also think fueling yourself with good, real food is important to feeling better.  I definitely have my highs & lows with my fitness but one thing I always try to do is eat relatively “healthy”! It makes me feel so much better; cut out the fast good and eat some fruits & veggies!

Amen! What is something you must do every night/night routine?

Take my makeup off! I cannot stand sleeping with makeup on. EVER!  I also always have to let the pups out right before bed so I can attempt to make them sleep in longer with me in the morning! Haha.

What rituals do you practice every day?

Wake up, coffee. Work, coffee.

Yes to all the coffee, lol! What has been bringing you joy lately?

I just had an AMAZING styled shoot this past week.  Working on these shoots is so much fun.  I’m also just jacked at the trips I have planned for this year and looking forward to 2018.  My clients and brides are my favorite humans ever and make this all possible!!

What do you feel most proud of?

My little business. And my little family. And my friends.  We are all growing up, graduating, getting married & having kids and I couldn’t be prouder of the people surrounded by me!

That’s awesome! What song is your anthem?

Don’t Kill My Vibe” – Sigrid.

What is the last thing you watched on TV / streamed?

Riverdale is the last thing I streamed, I’m guilty!!  I’m currently waiting for the Good Doctor to come on as I type this!

Love Riverdale—and I’ve also heard lots of good things about the Good Doctor! Any books to recommend?

If I’m honest, I haven’t read a book since I graduated college in May!! But I did pick up the Chip & Joanna Gaines book and I hope to read it soon!

That’s a good one! What’s your go-to coffee order?

Winter: Grande Chai Latte with two shots of espresso

Summer: Venti iced coffee with skim milk & sugar-free vanilla!

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Don’t go to nursing school for a year. Choose something you love. And remember beer has A LOT of calories hahaha.

Hahaha truuue! Anything else?

Time & family are so valuable. I recently experienced a very sad loss of a friend’s son.  He was 2 ½ years old and was taken tragically in a car accident.  I have been at a loss for words for days, and there is no feeling like this in the world.  I urge you all to hug your friends, family & pets close and cherish every single moment spent with them.  There will come a time in each of our lives when the Lord calls us home, and I pray that each of us live the life we’ve always wanted, love our family & friends deeply, chase our dreams and never look back.

Thank you so much for sharing, Sophie—and for being so vulnerable! I only hope that one day we can meet and work together in person!

And to the readers- go check out her gorgeous work and give her some love! Thanks for reading – until next time- Happy Sunday ++ Stay Mindful, lovelies!!




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